skriblerier som sprudler over

Creativity killer

My head has been full of small quotes for one of the photos that is on display at Annas Kafé. I’m sure it says something about growing, being free, but mostly about the taste of the salt air close to the see.

I usually write on paper first, in one of my sweet little note books, but now I was sure I would get the quote right out by sitting down by my computer.

Not today! I’ve read other blogs, downloading a photo editing tool (has not used any yet, but could learn to use one for simple editing), and of course checking facebook and mail. And the ideas for the quote vanished.

So. Again. Here’s for you to add your own interpretation on the photo – what do you see except from the obvious?


4 responses

  1. This picture gives me the summerfeeling I had when I was a child. I like it.

    18. juni 2012, kl. 22:32

    • Det høres ut som et fint barndomsfølelse-minne Bibbi.

      21. juni 2012, kl. 20:39

  2. katrinamarieimages

    i see determination. also, beauty in strength.

    26. juni 2012, kl. 15:28

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